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My name is Rick Threlfall, based (at the moment) in Manchester, UK.
My day job is User Experience Lead and, luckily, this is also a field that I find both completely enjoyable and entirely fascinating. It fits me well as not only do I get to geek out over new technology I also get to meet and work with some great people.

This site is something I have been meaning to put together for a very long time. As I get a chance, I will try to build up a collection of blog entries that, hopefully, will be useful. The very worse case is that I will at least have universal access to my own notes.
This is not, however, my first personal site, that went up in around 2002. The successor to that site (from 2004) is still out there with pictures of my pet snakes (as I discovered when I was writing this… I don’t know how long it will last!). I do recall quite enjoying modelling and rendering the site mascot in 3D studio max.


The home screen image

Why a lady in the rain… well, I’m not a lady, and it’s not raining (not at the moment, at least). I do own an umbrella though. The reason, I was doodling and I liked the doodle… so I used it.
If I change the image – likely – and forget to edit this – very likely – then I apologise for any confusion.
[EDIT] I completely changed the site… so the lady in the rain needs a new home.

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