Google Webmaster Tools and WordPress

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Managing your self hosted WordPress site to be managed in Google’s Webmaster Tools is a good way of improving your SEO. I won’t go into all the benefits here – there are plenty of other sites for that – but I felt that writing down the steps involved in adding your site and getting it verified might be useful for those new to self hosted sites.

You will need

Your self hosted wordpress site URL and administrator password.
Google webmaster tools URL and your google account details.


  • Go to the Google Webmaster tools home, log in and select ‘Add a site’
  • Enter the URL for your self hosted site.
  • You should be presented with an HTML meta tag; select this and copy to the clipboard.
  • Go to your WordPress site and log in with your administrator account.
  • Select Appearance->Editor (left panel).
  • Find Header.php in the right panel and click on this to begin editing.
  • Locate the <head> tag and paste the meta tag right after that:
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="1A-AAAbCcCdeFghi2Jk-LmN3oPQR45STuvWXYZab5CD" /<
	<meta http-equiv="Content-Type"...
  • Click ‘update file’
  • Go back to the google tools and click ‘verify’… hopefully that worked!
  • Click continue and start managing.


It’s worth noting that if you update or change the theme you will lose those edits to header.php so you will need to re-add the meta tags.


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