Final card design


Clare North
Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire.
Independent personal and professional development coaching.


Provide a card design with a view to, potentially, producing a full brand. Keeping the design non specific to be acceptable for both personal and professional coaching scenarios.
Platform: Print


  • Initial brand ideas
  • Style guide (graphic/typographic/palette)
  • Card design for print
  • Stationery design


The process

First, I interviewed Clare regarding what she wanted to gain from the ‘branding’ exercise. We discussed her potential client base and future direction along with her business goals and what the competition were up to. Essentially, the standard background, objective and target audience discussion.
To get the thought processes going, we put keywords onto post-its and ranked them for importance and grouped them by relevance. The session finished by covering the deliverables and timescales.
Next I picked some colours based on the feel that came from that meeting noted down a few potential palettes. Then, it was out with the sharpies and pencils to draw up a few pages of logo ideas.
Drew the best ideas in illustrator, printed them, cut them out and investigated a few layouts. Finally, went to InDesign to produce the version ready for the printers.

Some logo ideas

Follow up

Discuss building a website and flyers.


Illustrator and InDesign.

The printed cards