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VG Biotech/Micromass Ltd.
Altrincham and Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester.
Place of full time employment.


The task was to design and implement the top level interface for a new Mass Spectrometry Data System (this was dated around 2001). The interface must provide links to the various market specific applications provided by the company (for areas such as protein/peptide analysis, bio-informatics, chemical analysis, quantitative analysis and others).
The interface must include the mechanisms for configuring experiments to run on the Mass Spectrometers produced by the company along with third party fluidics and sample introduction systems. Access to the main qualitative application areas must also be provided.
The users of the software will range from inexperienced analysis through to analytical method developers and analytical chemists.
Platform: Desktop application, Windows 2000 (initially), Windows XP and Windows 7


  • Application design – architectural
  • Application design – user interface
  • Graphic design
  • Much of the code for the first version of the core application

Regulated environment considerations

The MassLynx Data System software was to be sold for use within regulated environments (it also interfaced with NeoLynx neonatal screening software). To that end, the system was required to be secure and to be integrated with full audit trail and data archiving systems.


Visual Studio, C++, ATL, COM, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop.


The MassLynx data system core application
MassLynx data system software suite