I am unable to directly publish any images of the UNIFI Software. Please see the links at the end of this article. A portfolio covering full process examples can be presented in person.


Waters Corporation
Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester.
Place of full time employment.


The UNIFI Scientific Information System is the software component of the brand under which Waters corporation pitches full solutions for a range of markets. These markets include fully regulated environments through to research laboratories using the Waters range of Mass Spectrometer and Liquid Chromatography equipment. The UNIFI software can be adapted to support anything from a BioPharmaceutical platform solution through various Screening applications, Chemical analysis and beyond.


Originally, for this particular project, I was tasked with designing the UX/UI for the core UNIFI application. I also had responsibility to lead a team working across different functional areas within the business to design the applications and support components that would form the software part of the solution to be pitched against the various markets. The software was required to be adaptable to support anything from a Biopharmaceutical platform solution through various Screening applications, Chemical analysis and beyond.
I am also responsible for overseeing the UX, UI and visual design for all Waters software products (internal and external) including desktop applications, web clients and mobile solutions.
Platform: Desktop application, Windows 7 and Windows 8


  • UX Design for all areas of the software
    Be inclusive across functions within the organization (marketing, Subject Matter Experts, product marketing, sales, technical communication group, software) to build a consistent design vision and improve visibility of UX activities.
    Interview customers and/or Subject Matter Experts to perform user goal and workflow analysis.
  • Persona development
  • Visual design
    Provide the graphical design guide for the software and directly produce or work with graphic artists to provide the images used within the final product.
  • Lead a UX/UI Design team (spread across 3 sites worldwide)
    Support and mentor team members. Build strong communication and share a vision.
  • UI Design guidelines (control usage, style guide etc.)
    A ‘living document’ against which consistency reviews would be performed and development will work.
  • UI Design guide Wiki
    To provide a dynamic way to share information across the different sites and allow common questions to be quickly fed back into the system.
  • Initial implementation for the core UNIFI application
    Put together the Architectural design and coding for the first versions of the core host application
  • Prototype UI for desktop and mobile solutions
    Using a mix of C#/XAML, HTML5/CSS to produce prototypes to communicate with the development teams
  • Application wireframing
    Use Axure and Balsamiq to work through wireframing in order to communicate early ideas.

Regulated environment considerations

As UNIFI solutions sell into fully regulated laboratories, there is a need to support full security, change logging, audit trail logging and archiving as part of the solution. At the implementation side, there must also be full change tracking and traceability from code through to high level requirement and design documentation.

Tools and Languages

Visual Studio, C#, WPF, XAML, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Axure, Photoshop… and don’t forget pens, paper, sticky notes and white boards.
Telelogic tools; DOORS, Change and CM Synergy.


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